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  BizOrg is an easy to use software for PocketPC.


BizOrg Installer ver 1.18 (800K)   

BizOrg CAB for ARM(765K)
BizOrg CAB for MIPS(958K)
BizOrg CAB for SH3(760K)

User Manual:pdf html
Date: December 21, 2004
Size: 590 Kb.

  Email plug-in is a plug-in for BizOrg.
It allows you to send your note as email. Support ActiveSync.

How to install Email plug-in:

1. Download Email plug-in installer (embo_setup.exe) from Bizon Software Inc site.
download email plug-in(54K)
2. Get connection with PocketPC.
3. Run embo_setup.exe on your PC and follow installation instruction.
4. Run BizOrg application.

How to use Email plug-in:

1. Create a new note.
2. Tap and hold on it.
3. You will see context menu with new item - 'Email'
4. Fill out fields (from; to; subject).
5. Press OK.
6. Message will send as Draft to PocketPC Outlook folder.
7. Go Pocket Outlook/Drafts there you can edit email features and Send.

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