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  BizOrg is an easy to use software for PocketPC.


BizOrg Installer ver 1.18 (800K)   

BizOrg CAB for ARM(765K)
BizOrg CAB for MIPS(958K)
BizOrg CAB for SH3(760K)

User Manual:pdf html
Date: December 21, 2004
Size: 590 Kb.

  LJ plug-in is a plug-in for BizOrg.
It allows you to log in and post your notes to LiveJournal.com
Support for UTF-8 encoding

How to install LJ plug-in:

1. Download LJ plug-in installer ( ljbo_setup.zip ) from Bizon Software Inc site.
download LJ plug-in(46K)
2. Extract ljbo_setup.exe form downloaded ZIP archive.
3. Get connection with PocketPC.
4. Run ljbo_setup.exe on your PC and follow installation instruction.
5. Run BizOrg application.

How to use LJ plug-in:

1. Create a new note.
2. Tap and hold on it.
3. You will see context menu with new item - 'LiveJournal'
4. If you choose 'LiveJournal' menu item first time then you will see login dialog with account info promt.
5. Fill out these fields and press OK
6. Message will send.

If you have any comments and reviews, please post it.

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