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  Version 1.18, December 21, 2004
  [+] Added Import/Sync PWI-files
  [+] Added Creating Folders
  [+] Added new menu item "Create Sub-Note" in the context-menu
  [+] Added open assinged contact from New Note Dialog
  [+] Cut/Copy/Paste in Add contact dialog
  [+] Cut/Copy/Paste/Select All in New Note dialog
  [+] Ability to set reminder for note
  [+] Delete contact from context menu
  [+] Create new note in one touch ( command line -N )
  [-] Fixed "Clear All Fields" in the New Contact Dialog
  [-] Fixed encrypting problem
  [-] Fixed 'Delete Note' bug
  [*] Some faster start-up due to architectural changes

  Version 1.17, October 06, 2004
  [+] Added splitter between NoteGrid and NotePreview in the note tab
  [+] Added export notes to XML like a tree ( menu File->Export Notes->To XML )
  [+] Added some notes view filters ( View Currect Day/Week/Month/Choose Day )
  [+] Added Font setup dialog
  [+] Added System Info in About Dialog
  [+] Keep position of last view note
  [+] Create new note for selected contact directly from Contact Tab ( context menu )
  [*] Save note as pwi file( Outlook Note format )
  [*] Optimized contacts loading
  [*] Improved recent contact algorithm
  [*] Improved contact's sorting
  [-] Fixed sorting bug
  [-] Fixed some cosmetics bugs
  [-] Fixed save to xml( backup )
  [-] Fixed recent contact problem
  [*] Changed grid highlight color

  Version 1.16, July 21, 2004
  [+] Added saving and restoring columns widths
  [+] Added contact's notes
  [+] Added Toolbar's Tooltips
  [*] ABC Toolbar works properly
  [*] Improved UI design
  [-] Fixed some cosmetics bugs

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