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  BizOrg's PocketPC PIM - User Manual

  freeware release 1.18
  *.PDF (Acrobat Reader) BizOrg's Manual  / Russian manual /

Automatic method.
1. Download BizOrg Installer (setup.zip) from Bizon Software Inc site.
2. Extract bo_setup.exe from downloaded ZIP archive.
3. Get connection (USB, IRDA) with PocketPC.
4. Run bo_setup.exe on you PC and follow installing instruction.
5. Default PocketPC installation directory:
   \Program Files\Bizon Software Inc\BizOrg
6. BizOrg's PIM icon will appear in your PocketPC Start menu.
7. Tap BizOrg icon to Run free pocket pc software.

Manual method.
1. Download *.CAB file from Bizon Software Inc site.
2. Send *.CAB file to PocketPC in any path by (USB, IRDA) connection.
3. Run *.CAB file on your Pocket to install BizOrg.
4. Default PocketPC installation directory:
   \Program Files\Bizon Software Inc\BizOrg
5. BizOrg icon will appear in your PocketPC Start menu.
6. Tap BizOrg icon to Run application.
7. Using Resco Explorer you can add BizOrg shortcut to Pocket StartMenu. In Resco Explorer you Tap and hold BizOrg.exe file, click in menu "Send to-StartMenu as Shortcut".


New Note ans Sub-Notes

For creating Folder, New note or Sub-note - Tap on icon Note. Using BizOrg organizer, you store notes and then link using Sub-notes. If you want to create a sub-note, you should have already some notes.

After creating, new note will be added to notes view. If you assign Note type , a small icon will appear in the view. Bottom view is a note preview. It displays your color note with defined text styles.

PocketPC - Delete Folder, Note or Sub-note.

Start your Notes

The quickest way to change colors of text and background, in 1 click.

Also, you can change font to bold or italic or make it underlined. Choose your font size by using font's size combo-box.
Later you can change Note Style of existing note.

A full screen text editor gives to you a lot of advantages Notes - [more about]. Press small arrow-icon and you will have more space for writing and editing Note.

Tap "Contacts" button and associate with Contact your note [more].
Appropriate Date for Note.
Assign Entry Type (Task;Document;E-mail;Fax;Letter;Meeting;Phone Call)
Notes This icon shows assigned contact information.

Full screen Editor

Notes This icon provides a Full Screen Mode.

It simple and convenient for using.

Press "OK" or Notes and you can again styling your Note (colors, font, background) in Editor Mode.

Press Notes to Cancel changes.

Assign Contact to the Note
PIM's Note Editor allows Assign Contact to the Note by PocketPC PIM.

Double-click first or last name to select needed Contact.

For removing assigned person please double-click at selected Contact.
Blank note icon - clear assigned contacts.


Navigate your Notes and Sub-notes

Arrows UpNote/DownNote on the form - navigation between notes the same level.

Twist Arrow Up - Go to parent note Note. Twist Arrow Down - Go to sub-notes Note.

Create note, set up reminder.

Reminder will improve your working environment bringing you new feeling of comfort and control.

Tree and List View

BizOrg supports 2 view modes: List and Tree Notes.
View Selection available Contact In the View combo-box.

  • All
  • Only Tasks
  • Only Documents
  • Only E-mail messages
  • Only Faxes
  • Only Letters
  • Only Meetings
  • Only Phone Calls

All fields are sortable by clicking on the column header. You can sort notes by creation date, subject.

Note menu
In List view Tap and Hold any note.

You can:

Open Note (or Double click on your Note)
Saves the note as *.pwi (Pocket Notes's format)
Delete Note
Send Note as e-mail to Pocket Outlook
Send your Note to internet service LiveJournal.com
Send Note as SMS (future benefit)

BizOrg contact manager organizes standart Pocket contacts.

Tap Contact menu:

You can add, edit any Contact.

Quick way to find a contact is to type first letter of a part of the contact name, BizOrg will show only those contacts that match.

If you want to sort Contacts according to first or last names please tap first/last name field's header.

Recent and All Contacts View
Select in menu to view only Recent usable Contacts or All Contacts.

Recent Contacts are those Contacts you have been working not so long ago.

Contact Add contact.
Contact Delete contact.
Contact You can change a contact list preview as you want.
Contact Filtering and Sorting.

Export PocketPC Contacts

Add Contact
The quickest, easiest way to get your contacts into your PocketPC.

Field "Name" is necessarily and has format (Firstname Surname Secondname).
Fast lookup with predictive search.
Sort by First, Last, Phone number, Company names and any field.

Clear all fields.

PocketPC PIM

Contacts View Customization
Easy to organize pocketpc Contacts preview.

In menu select Contacts sheet.
pocket pc freeware

Contact Tap to setup grid.

BizOrg shows only selected information of Contacts, for example "only names", "only e-mails".
Please check items to show.


Tap Search menu:

You can find quickly and easily the information in your Notes using by:
  • Entry
  • Subject
  • Assigned Contact

You can choose search Period (Date From...To)

Case sensitive tool.

Result shows founded Notes in the bottom window.


Password protection
Protect BizOrg's database.

Click Menu-Setting and check password protection.

In case the option "password protection" is activated you should remember and enter you password.
In case the option "password protection" is disactivated the program starts without password request.


Prefix and Postfix for Sub-Notes
In Menu-Setting you can choose automatic Pre/Post-fix for Sub-Notes Subject.

Prefix (job-) will be create Sub-Note's subject like this:

Postfix can be differently styled and add Sub-Note's subject with "COUNTS".


Postfix {%COUNT%} will be create Sub-Note's subject like this:

Subject{1} for the first Sub-Note.
Subject{2} for the second Sub-Note.

Prostfix -%COUNT% will be create Sub-Note's subject like this:

Subject-1 for the first Sub-Note.
Subject-2 for the second Sub-Note.

Font setup

Font setting
Setup fonts for Note grid, Contact grid, Search grid.

Choose the menu File-Settings-Fonts.

New settings will apply after restarting application.

PocketPC Contacts

Export Contacts
Export all your PocketPC Contacts.

Tap menu File - Contacts - Export.

Export to *.txt (Text), *.htm (HTML), *.csv (Outlook) file.

PocketPC Contacts

Import, Export Pocket PC notes
Export all your Notes from BizOrg to *.xml file.

Import Pocket PC notes (*.pwi) from default pocket folder MyDocuments.


Backup / Restore
Export the whole information in a click!


Open menu File, tap Backup.
Choose file name and Press "OK" or Notes to Save *.xml to PocketPC safest Folder.

Save this exported file and you can Restore your information later.


Choose Menu File-Restore, find you backup file (*.xml) and Press OK to restore BizOrg's database.

Also you can manually create archive-copy BizOrg's database file and save it any place you want.
Database is here (default):
PocketPC - Program Files\Bizon Software Inc\BizOrg\bizorg.dat


If you have any comments and reviews, please post it.


Copyright 2004 Bizon Software