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PocketExam lets you study anytime, anywhere. PocketExam provides single/multiple choice, yes/no and flashcard questions to help you improve your test results or just brush up on trivia. Studying for a test? Try PocketExam! PocketExam is perfect for preparing for standardized tests like the GMAT, LSAT, USMLE, MCAT, SAT or MPRE, or studying for tests in any of your classes like History, Science, Math, and more!

Create Your Own Quizzes!

PocketExam provides a FREE editor so you can create your own quizzes using single/multiple choice, yes/no and flashcard questions. You can print your quizzes or you can publish them to our website and share them with our growing community.

Import Different Formats!

If you already have questions in another format, you can use the import feature of the PocketExam builder to convert them into PocketExam quizzes!


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Help us create a PocketExam Quiz Catalog. Submit a quiz file consisting of 100 or more thematic questions and receive a FREE one-year registration for PocketExam. Your quiz will be added to the PocketExam Quiz Catalog along with your name.

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