PocketExam Builder is the ideal tool for students, trainers, teachers, and educators looking for a quick and simple way to create quizzes. The program offers a super-easy interface that allows you to manage your quizzes: by following a few simple steps you can enter your questions, set question's type ( single/multiple choice, yes/no, flash card ), font styles, points. You can save your quizzes directly on your Pocket PC device. If you want to publish your quizzes on the Internet, PocketExam is also provided with a built-in client that allows you to upload the files directly on our website.


We believe that one of the most important things about software is making it easy to use. Of all the software testing packages available today, PocketExam Builder is the easiest to use. Featuring a simple, clear interface, PocketExam Builder makes it easy to create tests.

Great Import Tool

Do you have already files with questions? Don't worry, just use PocketExam Builder Import tool. It can convert any text format to PocketExam's format in couple clicks.

Sharing your Quiz

If you prefer, you can publish the quiz on our web page. PocketExam Builder will even automatically save the quiz on the bizon.org/pocketexam server for free, so students can take it from any computer with internet access



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Current version: 1.05

Size: 1173Kb

For Win9x

For WinNT/2000/XP/2003

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