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Does it really work?

Yes! There is no way it wouldn't work! As you repeat the same words, numbers, etc., you are forced to recall the information, and every time you do, it becomes more accessible. People noticed this a long time ago and it is no surprise that common sayings such as "practice makes perfect" are so popular. A repetition-based program like PocketExam does not require a lot of mental effort, so it can be used almost at any time of the day. Use it once a day or ten times a day, whatever is more convenient! Don't expect to memorize a hundred foreign words in one day. Set reasonable expectations, be consistent, and you will be pleasantly surprised with the results! top.

I can't find exam files for the subject I'm studying. What should I do?

Collect some references about the subject and write the exam file yourself, using the PocketExam Builder tool!

Can I create quiz in any language?

Yes. You can create your own quiz in any language. Because of Multiple Language Support PocketExam and PocketExam Builder is popular in so many countries all over the world.

Can I try the software before buying it?

Of course, download the free demo version of PocketExam and buy it only if it satisfies your needs.


PocketExam Builder

I am in the teaching profession, how is PocketExam useful for me?

PocketExam Builder is very useful for Teachers/Professors. As in the teaching profession, you are responsible for writing question papers. In conventional old method, you write the question paper on paper, keep question paper separate from answers and all these things you have to keep in locker to avoid unauthorized access. Using PocketExam Builder you create question paper and everything will be written to a single exam (.pex) file in encrypted format. You can carry your question paper just by putting exam (.pex) file in your briefcase. If you want to conduct the examination on paper, you can print the question paper. Moreover you can merge the questions from different exam (.pex) files in few clicks.

I have data in plain text file, can I import this data in to PocketExam (.pex) file?

Yes, you can use "Import" tool to import the data from plain text files to PocketExam (.pex) file. Import tool is very useful for customers who already have their data in electronic form. Convert you existing data into plain text file and use "Import" tool to import into PocketExam (.pex) file.

Is PocketExam Builder free?

Yes, PocketExam Builder is free. Wow!!!

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