Powerful features

•Single/Multiple choice, flash card, reverse questions, Yes/No and true/false questions

Images in the question or answer(s)

•Does not have limit for possible answers in multiple choice mode

•Does not have limit for question length

•Exam mode simulates an actual written test environment: scoring is hidden until the end, you may change your answers, etc.

•Long questions/answers scroll so they can larger than one screen

•Random or sequential question order

•Speed Game lets you play against the clock for extra points

•Automatically repeat questions you got wrong

•Go directly to any question number

•Multiple choice answers are randomized each time

•Previous scores are tracked for each quiz

•Last test file can be auto-loaded when PocketExam starts

User defined font styles


•One guessing only per question as options

•Sound effects for right and wrong answers

•Variable points per question

•Timed quizzes : Use the question timer

True VGA devices support

Easy to create new quizzes.

•Each quiz contain author credit information

PocketExam can be used in quite a few more applications than the obvious, regular vocabulary learning. Here is a list of ideas:

Standard vocabulary can be easily gathered from existing electronic documents, be it newspaper articles, lyrics, or pre-made lists of vocabulary. The import and collect features of PocketExam can help you collecting what you need. Use sentences to see the word you're learning in context. Thus, when getting words from a text using the collect feature, never forget to include the sentence containing the word as well! Sound files give you an idea of pronouncation. Especially for children, image files may help memorizing basic vocabulary.

Take advantage of sounds and sample sentences to introduce your child to the alphabet. Memorize multiplication tables easily. Teach your child the most important traffic signs and rules, utilizing image and sentence features (for rules of behaviour).

Do you instantly recognize a country, its name, capital and native language when just seeing the outline on a world map? Train your geography skills in image recognition mode, and even utilize videos to give you a more vivid background on the country. Learning of important historical dates can be vastly improved by giving connections in the sample sentence, or even images. After having learnt for some time, try the multiple-choice learning mode to see how clearly you can differ the dates! Have to learn a poem or something similar by heart? Use PocketExam for the most difficult stanzas.

Everyday life
Troubles recognizing the meaning between the multitude of abbreviations that are flooding our everyday life are bound to disappear. Use the standard fields for the word and its abbreviation, and the sample sentence feature to give you more details on the word, its context, etc. Never forget birthdays, wedding anniversaries and similar dates again. Yet again, use the image feature to give an even better association, or maybe sound for some piece of music you connect with the respective person. Let PocketExam help you remembering names, hobbies, birthdays and other data of persons you rarely see, just learnt to know, etc. This offers itself for usage of images. Telephone numbers would be another application.


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