What's new

23 November 2005 PocketExam 2.10 is released.

Fixed bugs:

  • Fixed a bug in Quizz builder - check boxes
  • Fixed a crash in blank test(first boot)
  • Fixed a crash in stats dialog
  • Fixed a reload file bug
  • Fixed some cosmetic bugs
  • Improved stylus-free navigation

23 August 2005 PocketExam 2.09 is released.

New Features:

  • Random answer order
  • Create html report
  • Beam report
Fixed bugs:
  • Scroll bars in Stats view
  • Switch to read-only mode after test finished
  • Change mode in menu
  • Change mode letter in status bar
  • Stats score
  • Enable/disable 'View answer' button
  • Answer click bug
  • Reset scroll bar position in 'View answer' mode
  • Double-click in bookmark's form
  • Cosmetic bugs

24 May 2005 PocketExam 2.08 is released.

  • Ability to view JPEG pictures in question and answers
  • Ability play mp3 sounds in question and answers
  • Improved loading question mechanism. Supports huge files.
  • Ability to view question's description.
  • Improved some UI details
  • Fixed some minor bugs.

24 May 2005 PocketExam Builder 1.05 is released.

  • Added JPEG support in question and answers
  • Added sound support in question and answers
  • Added html help system
  • Improved some UI details
  • Fixed 'preview question' bug

7 April 2005 PocketExam Builder 1.04 is released.

  • Support crypting function for pex file
  • Support UTF-8 format in pex file
  • Added New Import Quiz Tool
  • Added Description Field for question
  • Added new menu Help->PocketExam Forum
  • Added Send to Web
  • Fixed 'Save' button bug

16 March 2005 PocketExam 2.06 is released.

  • Real VGA resolution support.
  • Added ClearType support.
  • Added Show/Hide Timer option.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.

12 February 2005 PocketExam 2.05 is released.

  • PocketExam shows picture in question and answers.
  • Added question's counter in the QuizzBuilder.
  • Added bookmarks auto save. You can load last file with your bookmarks.
  • Minor bugs


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